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We are building a wide collection of quality Beers, Spirits, Wines and soft drinks to offer something for everyone.  We are developing a particularly good Gin collection with flavoured gins including orange, rhurbarb, and spice!


We currently have 3 hand pumps on the Main Bar serving a rotating offer from the better known Suffolk Breweries such as Adnams, Earl Soham and as well as some you might not know.  We have an ambition to have served beer on from every single Suffolk brewery in 2018.


We also offer Standard and Premium Lagers as well as the No1 Suffolk Cider, Aspalls. At Christmas you will find their delicious warming Mulled Cider on offer. Perfect for a cosy evening next to the woodburner on those winter nights.

Our spirit offering includes xxxxx, Quality Vodka, including Grey Goose and some xxxxx


Our soft drinks are equally important and we always try where possible to support top quality and local brands.  Add detail…


Our new Wine List offers a comprehensive selection of beautiful wines including some of our favourites such as New Zealand Sauvignon, Malbec and Prosecco.


For something a little warmer we also offer freshly ground coffees, a range of teas and hot chocolate.


If there’s something you’d like to see added please let us know!


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