The beaming badger | Our new logo
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Our new logo

Well, first of all, they are not dragons, but Wyverns. Who knew!


We dug into the history of pubs called the  ‘Duke of Marlborough’ to find out which of the 12 Dukes was being referred to, and what had he done to warrant such an accolade?   We decided that the doughty 1st Duke must be the chap!  The title was created by Queen Anne in 1702 for John Churchill, 1st Earl of Marlborough (1650–1722) a notable military leader of the time.  Extra fact:  the dukedom is the only one in the United Kingdom that can still pass through a female line.


Old photos show the pub used to be known as The Marlborough Head. When it would have first got this name, and exactly when it changed to the Duke of Marlborough is not something we have not been able to find out.  Any suggestions from experts in pub history very welcome!

Family coats of arms were all the rage back then. Examination of Sir John’s Coat of Arms revealed a handsome pair of wyverns on either side of his crest.  We immediately thought that these dragon-like characters would be perfect for a pub in such a historic building.  A noble, legendary English symbol representing strength and power!


When it came to a new brand, we wanted to combine the magic of history and heritage with hints about our special local produce.


Somersham must be the only village in Suffolk where both the key ingredients of beer are grown on a commercial basis.  The pub sits in the valley bottom with Church Farm’s barley fields to the south and hop fields to the north at Valley Farm.  A hop takes a central position and the growling Wyverns sport a barley ear on their tails!


It all comes together to form a distinctive and smart new logo – we love it!

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